All of a sudden it is May! Landscaping, writing, and an occasional mini-adventure

And, all of a sudden it is May!

Landscaping has kept me busy, writing articles is still happening, and I’m pleased to say I managed to do something ‘other than work’ with a quick dash across to North Wales, plus a locally based SUP session or two.

I feel like I’ve fallen on my feet this year with landscaping, with a bunch of interesting projects and super lovely customers who appreciate the work and efforts. It’s definitely hard work, it’s definitely rewarding, and I’m definitely learning. My back is also aching…

I’ve linked the last two projects below from my Instagram. Love a bit of social media pollination.

On the writing front, I’ve submitted my 10th article for my column ‘motorhome mishaps’. I’ve got enough material for a few more submissions then I need to rethink my writing strategy. Lots of ideas as usual. Crazy to think this is still happening…..I’m an actual columnist?!? Whaaaat?!?

As usual, North Wales delivered a mix of social time, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding, and chilling on the isle of Anglesey. It’s nice to be reminded how much I like it each and everytime. It really is a special place. At least, when the sun is shining.

Local adventures have also been a good way to stay sane between work. The East Midlands YesTribe (a locally based group of adventurous souls) seems to be going from strength to strength with an array of social adventures happening. KUDOS to the organisers for pulling this together (and each and everyone who turns up!).

All that’s left to say is a massive THANKS to those that are still interested in my book. It’s been 4 years since I published and it’s still selling and I’m still getting feedback. It’s interesting, but I never wrote it to sell loads of copies. Ok – not strictly true – selling loads of copies would be awesome, but when people tell me they enjoyed the story / it provoked a positive change / inspired even for the smallest thing, it feels worthwhile.

Anyway….enough of that. Onwards into May, my favourite month of the year. Here’s to a happy adventurous spring.


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