Keeping a promise…

Did you miss me? Perhaps not, but I decided to take a break from weekly blog posting.

Reason being, I am travelling again and I wanted to give that my full attention. But, the truth is, I had to dig deep for this adventure. I’d got comfortable living back in the UK.

Not that it was all bad. My book had been published and sales were happening, and I set up my own landscape gardening business over the summer.

However, I had made a promise to myself I would do something new, something different, so as soon as the clocks went back in October, and the work outdoors began to dry up, I knew it was time.

But where? With money in the bank and the world at your fingertips what is the right choice?

I procrastinated on this until I concluded there is no right choice. There is only the decision you make based on what you value the most at the time. Then you roll with it.

In the end I chose to visit Nepal. I’d read about epic mountain peaks, friendly people, and an interesting culture. But, to add some spice to the overall journey, I decided to fly back out of India.

Now, India isn’t really at the top of my travel to places. In fact, the more I read up on the country the less I wanted to go! But, being so close to Nepal and something so different to anything I’d experienced before, I decided to give it a try.

I planned a 6-week trip in total, splitting the time between Nepal and India, and a return to the UK for Christmas. Today I missed my flight. And yes, this was intentional.

Despite initial reluctance / resistance, I’ve decided to stay a little longer. I spent a full 30 days in Nepal and, having been in India a few days, I knew the country deserved at least a little bit more of my time.

From here, expect to see a wrap-up post for the year (publishing a book is already seeming like a distant memory!), as well as a draft of what I’m thinking to share out the coming months (regular Wi-Fi permitting – this is India after all).

Have a great weekend.

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