If you’re not enjoying the process, what’s the point in winning?

I read this quote a few days ago and it stuck with me.  Why ?  Because, like many, I often chase things to win, or be successful, without stopping to consider if I am actually enjoying the process I am on.

I don’t mean a step-by-step process or a clear set of instructions.  More a general ‘yes this is a good path, I’m challenged, I’m having good days and bad days but I’m still smiling and I’m still learning’.  That kind of process.

That may sound a little arbitrary, but I think it’s a question worth considering.  What’s the point in striving to succeed if you’re not enjoying / benefiting (yourself / others) in what you are doing?

I have an example.

Right now I’m exporing ways to market my book.  Some seem to be successful, some fall on dead ground.  But I am always learning and I am also enjoying.  Even if I don’t meet my new personal target of how many books I hope to sell, or I don’t get chance to share what I believe is a good story, I will take something from this experience.

Even if it is just a picture of someone enjoying my book on a beach, in the bath, or that I have the chance to post my book to Australia for someone to review for me.

Just a thought.

Have a great day.

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