Cape Town. Kaapstad. Ikapa.

According to the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph, Cape Town was named the best place in the world to visit in 2014…..(why not 2015?!).

There is no way I could do a city like this justice with a snap-shot-blog-post, and I don’t fancy copy pasting wikipedia articles and google searches just to show ‘how amazing it is’, but will say that considering I was having doubts about coming back to CapeTown again (for the third time), it worked out well!

To me at least, it seems to offer something for everyone, perhaps it doesn’t do the best at everything (where does?), but it does a lot very well.

Outdoor life / treks / Kitesurfing / great city viebe / restaurants / food / wine / wine / wine / multicultural / small enough to get around quickly / easy and cheap intercity bus system / fun markets / different suburbs / strong yoga scene / open minded people / and so much more.

The flip side is the (occasional) hassle you can get as a tourist, and the obvious poverty divide between cultures. There is crime I am sure (like any big city – but I did not see anything), and I do struggle to get my head round the security patrolled / electric gated houses, especially coming from such a ‘safe’ place like the UK.

Anyway, what makes me smile looking back is a chain of events that took place, small things really, but enough to encourage and inspire some of my journey across the country.

Long story short….

When I came back from Europe last year, back to my home town of D E R B Y, I tried out some new (to me) styles of Yoga. Once I got past all the abuse from my mates about stretching, breathing, and being connected, I got into it.

I mentioned to my teacher in the UK that I was planning on travelling to South Africa, and he encouraged me to continue classes whilst there, assuring me there was a strong scene in SA.

An email to the head of the yoga institute for SA put me into touch with Yvonne, who’s studio Sunset Beach Yoga happened to be close to where I was staying at CapeTownKiteClub and The Surf Shack.

After a few classes with her, I found myself with multiple lifts around the city, my own city tour guide, personal yoga advisor, reflexologist, linguist (thanks Sally!) and a visit to another style of yoga (which gave me confidence to help facilitate a few sessions for myself and others a few weeks later. Was fun).

That was good in itself, but it was when I mentioned to Yvonne that I was looking to do some volunteering work that she put me in touch with Panthera Africa, the incredible big cat sanctuary that I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time at.

During my travels across the country I kept in touch with friends back in CT and every now and again a little gem of info was sent my way for me to explore.

Sometimes with travel it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but the input from friends, along with some words of Zulu and Xhosa thrown in for good measure, was definitely appreciated, and helped shape some of my journey……thanks!

And I’ve not even mentioned the kitesurfing. Bo Kaap district. Raw and Roxi. Volunteering at Fallen Angels. Kaffeee. Social scene. Mojitos. Hiking…….



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