A wrap up of portugal

I feel like I should give Portugal the credit it deserves in terms of a place to travel. I spent longer there than expected, and just like I was in Spain and Morocco, was sorry to leave. I met a leader of a new political party (I think the party is called Freedom?) during my last few days there, and she asked me what I thought of Portugal.

I told her from my limited experience it felt like somewhere between Spain and Morocco in terms of how developed it is. She smiled and said, you’ve got it about right!

These are a few stand out highlights!
  • The wild coast line, reminded me of somewhere between the west coast of Australia, and the west coast of Ireland.
  • The ease, availability and quality of free camping. I spent 3 night on campsites over 6 ish weeks – this was incredible!
  • The fish, and the general quality of the food
  • The welcoming and friendly nature of the locals.
  • The kitesurfing (Algarve, Guincho, Viana Do Castello)
  • The cities and towns of Lisbon, Porto, Cascais and Viana
  • The mountain ranges.
  • Seeing some of the summer festivals.
Also a few lowlights
  • The kitesurfing lack of wind when it was supposed to be there, but thats the way it goes with kitesurfing

Next post, reflection on my journey, 1 week back!

2 thoughts on “A wrap up of portugal

  1. Hi John, I’m impressed by all your stories and all your thoughts about Portugal!! You got everything pretty much on the spot. Keeps us posted on your travels and let me know when u plan on starting traveling again (perhaps after Christmas?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marta, thankyou! I’m glad you like! Also thank you for all your tips for where to travel and go to, it was very helpful! I hope life is good! Travel wise, will keep you posted 🙂


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