September – final few days of this journey….Viana Do Castelo, and rushing back to catch a ferry, not appreciating how far it was….!

Today marked the last full day of my camper van adventure, I had mixed feelings, but also looking forward to catching up with friends and family back in the UK and planning next adventures and ideas!

Thankfully feeling better so I took a ride out to see the Santa Luzia church, which offers great views over the town and beaches below. Definitely worth a look if ever in the area.



You can always take the easy route up and down….


The views are as good as Rio apparently. May have to find out for myself at some point 🙂


Overlooking the kite and surf beach of Cabedelo, hoping for the wind to come through so I can have a final session on this journey!


Yeeessss, super happy to get one last session in on the water here !!!

IMG_7048 IMG_7046 IMG_7074IMG_7039


After a rush to pack my things up and say bye to a few people here, I started the long drive to the ferry port in Northern Spain.


And after sleeping somewhere a little nondescript made it with 30 minutes spare the next day! The only drama was nearly running out of fuel in the mountain miles from anywhere whilst following my sat nav to an imaginary petrol station…..


First non camper bed (and a choice of 4) in something like 120 days….so glad I didn’t have to make my bed up for a change!



I was very glad to have got the ferry from Spain to the UK, it took over 3 weeks of checking and checking to pick up a slot due to the time of year and lack of availability, and it is an expensive option to travel, but weighed up against the petrol, tolls, and time / effort to drive (after so much driving), it was a good investment.


Close to the North west of France for the sunrise, this is Brest I believe.


Coming into the UK!


Next post – wrap up of Portugal, and reflecting on the whole adventure, I’m already wondering what it will be like to be home after a long time away……

3 thoughts on “September – final few days of this journey….Viana Do Castelo, and rushing back to catch a ferry, not appreciating how far it was….!

  1. A yup John. It seems as tho you have had a few ups and downs, but thankfully more good than bad (apart from the clamping occasion of course lol). I admire your courage to have completed all this on your own and it seems like you have met some lovely and interesting people. Happy onward trip and safe passage home.
    Andy Ward


    1. Thanja Andy yea it’s been good with lots of ups and downs! Hope alls well with you!


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