4th August 2015 – To Setubal, and the start of my time at Guicho, world famous kite and surf beach.

Leaving Comporta, I hopped on a quick and easy ferry crossing across to Setubal, and spent a few hours hanging around the city before I drove further north into the outskirts of Lisboa, stopping at a few beaches on the way chasing any wind to kite.

IMG_6134 IMG_6139
I then made it around the edge of Lisbon, with the intention of seeing what Guincho was like and putting some ideas in place for the next week or so.
My first impressions of Guincho was wow, this is windy, wavy, stunning backdrop, and wild!   Kind of a cross between the west coast of Ireland and the west coast of OZ.
I took a few shots of some guys kiting and scoped out the beach ready for some kiting over the next few days. This is a pure wave spot which is not something I spend much time on but I can handle this (I thought), it looks hard but yeah, this will be good…..
IMG_6153 IMG_6147 IMG_6141
Again, I managed to free camp overlooking a pretty wild bay
On a side note, my cooking skills are on the up spending more time in my van, today I created a kind of soup with prawns that was fried with garlic ,chilli, ginger and fennel, plus a side salad / veg of courgette, tomatoes and green peppers.  Pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Whoever said you can’t cook in a van?!
Probably need to get out more…..

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