31st July 2015 – the road North to Porto Covo, a stop at Comporta.

After leaving the parking ticket / wheel clamp drama behind, I made it to Porto Covo with no other issues. I had heard it was a nice place to stop with good beaches, fish restaurants and a chilled vibe.  I ended up staying here 3 nights, and it could easily have been more.


I free camped on the top of a cliff, met a Spanish couple from next door who I hung out with for some of my time here, and kited a light wind session up the coast.
IMG_6086 IMG_6090 IMG_6093 IMG_6094 IMG_6105
The sunsets were good, as was the chilled atmosphere even if it was a little touristy, there also seemed to be loads of REAL hippies living here….
The only drama I had during this time was a blocked sink at 12am, discovered by a certain smell and a cm of water at the foot of my bed.  It wasn’t any fun mopping this up surrounded by wet kites, clothes, a guitar and push bike.
I spent the next morning stripping down my sink and with the help of a hose pipe and kite pump got the blockage clear. It turned out to be lentils from something I remember cooking about 4 weeks ago. Not nice.  Another lesson learnt.
IMG_6106 IMG_6107
Sad to leave I carried on up the coast to Praia da Comporta which I discovered was where the cool crowd hang out and party on the beach just as the sun goes down!
Very random to be on a quiet peaceful family beach which then turns into a mini party out the back of a beach bar and DJ and live sax / percussion. Very cool and good music and happy drunk people!
IMG_6115 IMG_6118 IMG_6120
Onwards to Setubal , Lisbon, Guincho.

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