20th July – final days in Tarifa, mtb, campsites and onwards to the next adventure!

I am leaving Tarifa very soon. It’s been great to stay in one place and meet people old and new, kite surf, do some work and use my brain, go out for good food, and just hang out generally in one place, but I remind myself that this some of trip is about travelling to new places, and after 3 weeks if I don’t move on soon I think I will stay here for much much longer!

So onwards to the next adventure, which will be Seville, and then Portugal, subject to change of course, and then back to the UK……


The last few days have been a mix of mountain biking (aka getting lost), and generally chilling out.

View from one of the trails in the hills, just before I got lost!


IMG_5756 IMG_5759

I actually stayed on a campsite for one night, which was a real luxury for me after free camping for over 3 weeks now, but at €32 / night I don’t think I will do that again for a while unless I need to!

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