18th July – Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships Tarifa – quick post!

Life is still good in Tarifa 🙂 and I managed to catch some of the recent Virgin Kitesurfing World Championships that form part of a world tour.

It was super impressing to watch both the males and female riders compete, both in the freestyle and big air comps!  I definitely need to up my game!

I also find that most of the riders I speak to are all really friendly, no big egos, chilled out, and just having fun doing what they do on and off the water.  It’s such a small scene kitesurfing that everyone seems to know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone!


I can’t believe I have been in Tarifa for over 3 weeks now, and as much as I love it and I have met some really good people, I get the sense it’s starting to get a little too busy for me both in and out of the town.

Yesterday I had to park my van and ride my bike with kite gear to the beach……so starting to think the time is close to moving on and heading West……

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