22nd April 2015 – Epic fail

I think my van is ready after I have already paid my local garage to give it a quick once over, so when I decide to put in for an early MOT I am confident that it will be OK.

Wrong. It comes back as a fail, and I mean a lot of FAIL. They say about £2000 worth of work.

I go a bit crazy and spend the next few weeks running round finding garages and people to help me. With the help of my dad, his workshop, his newly cleaned driveway, and never-ending supply of tea from my mum, I spend the next few weeks fixing things.

On the plus side I definitely have a focus, but on the other hand I develop a drink problem. I am not proud 🙂

IMG_3016 IMG_2950 IMG_3014 IMG_2990 IMG_2946 IMG_2939 IMG_2987 IMG_2947

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