21st April 2015 – Reality check, panic, procrastination and chapter #1 is formed.

Week three of no job, no structure, no direction, and I start to panic…..what do I do?

I try reading, running, swimming, biking, kickboxing, but ultimately I can’t relax.

I am officially conditioned and my brain in full work mode, which I guess is not really surprising after so many years working to a fixed routine. I figure I need to create something…..

I can still remember reading an article in a VW magazine about a couple driving a camper van round Europe, it was at least 15 years ago. I was hooked then and actually bought an old VW van for the trip, but it was not to happen and my life took a different path.

However, things are different now…..I finally decide and commit to this idea. This is personal and I can get it out of my system whilst focussing on my passion of kitesurfing, travelling, fitness, learning some languages, and meeting some people on the way.

I have no fixed plan of where to go but think I will head to a well know kitesurfing spot called Tarifa in the Andalusian part of Spain.

Easy right…….wrong.


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