Time does fly. This is your journey, no-one else’s…

This post popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. It’s over two years since I published my first book. Where did that time go?

Oh yeah, setting up my own small business landscaping, writing articles for magazines, travelling to India and Nepal, another campervan trip to Europe, revisiting Cape Town, new friends made, old friends lost. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Whilst I am dubious about the use of Facebook these days, I still enjoy a good reminder every now and then.

And the point of this post?

Well, sometimes, it can feel like you’re not doing anything (and that’s Ok). Other times you can be doing lots and others may not notice (and that’s ok too).

As long as you’re making steps in the direction which is right for you – that’s what matters.

This is your journey, no one else’s.


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