Switching things up – coming soon, travel to Nepal….

I’m switching things round for my next few posts. Less personal development and reflection, and more current (well, last November/December/January) stories of travel and adventure.


Why? Well, I keep getting asked questions on what Nepal and India was like. And I keep seeing posts on people asking about trekking in Nepal.

Since I had the good fortune (aka choice) to spend time there in Nov/Dec/Jan, and I’ve got some travel tips to share back, it’s time I put fingers to keys and pulled out some of what I learnt and what happened.

Like why travel Southern Asia and what to expect.

Links to resources I used for planning my adventure.

Maybe the choice of different hikes and treks.

Suggestions of kit lists.

Even how to choose (and get on with) your guide. 

It was definitely an adventure which was out of my comfort zone, and one that was perhaps not the easiest, or most pleasent at the time. But…it certainly did the required trick and reinvigorated me in a number of ways that only culturally different travels seem able to do!

(Sorry about that – slipped back into that growth mindset thing again…)


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