Ten good things…

This post is inspired by someone I met travelling in South Africa three years ago. She was a writer back then, and is now a DJ playing music in Berlin. (If you happen to read this – thanks M).

Recently, I noticed she was sharing handwriten lists of things she was grateful for through Instagram. Not in a roll your eyes kind of way, but ten things genuine to her.

We all have our own reasons for doing what we do (it’s recognised that which we share is that which we are learning ourselves), and there’s benefit in expressing gratitude but, at the same time, I’ll admit, it can be hard to do so sometimes, especially when life throws some shit at you.

I then happened to listen to a podcast which got me thinking on why taking time to write such lists can be so important – especially compared to just thinking them.

I mean – we’re constantly being told to have a postive attitude, to think positively, and to be positive, but that seems a little empty to me (and never seems to last). Then I heard an average (new) thought lasts 7 seconds…and then you have another one, and then another one, and then another one….

Ergo – it’s ok thinking these things, but if you want them to stay (and have an impact) you’ve got to embed them. And writing is one way to do this.

I’m not saying this is a be all and end all to feeling great, and maybe it’s easier said than done, but maybe there is something in recognising and reiterating that which you are grateful for.

But, be careful what you write. By the end of the week you might not be able to forget it!





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