Random Acts of Kindness Day…

Did you know February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day? Not withstanding there seems to be a day for everything, I thought this was quite a good one.

Not that I’m not a fan of ‘international dog biscuit day,’ or ‘world sword swallowers day,’ but I don’t have a dog, neither can I swallow a sword. (Both of these are legit days on the 23rd February….)

Anyway, I stumbled across this fact whilst reseaching another article I’m writing. I believe it originated across the pond but, as I read through it, I recognised a friend of mine, Andy Cope, was behind the words.

Andy is a bit of a legend really. He’s been on a mission to spead happy vibes around the UK for the past few years, and is the only person I know with a phd in positive psychology.

I remember him speaking at an event last year and learnt his focus was studying those that have flourished in life, not those that have had problems. And I think that’s quite a refreshing approach.

Anyway, this is a link to the article I found: Top tips for acts of random kindness. It’s quite good.

I would also recommend a look at Andy’s work if you have any interest in positive mindset. He knows his stuff and puts it across in an easy to understand way without being over the top.

PS. I have no affiliation to Andy except for the random way I met him, then found out he lives down the road from me, went to the same school, and helped with my first book Adventures In Happiness. But that’s another story!

Have a great weekend.








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