Scotland you beauty !

Apparently, you’re not supposed to start a blog post with an apology.  So I’m not sorry I’ve not posted for a while.  I’ve been busy working.


A friend asked me to come to Scotland to help out with some gardening work, and it just so happened to conincide with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

For some reason I’d been putting off what I thought was a long drive, but once I was on the road, I had that real ‘why have I not done this sooner’ thought running through my mind…..strange how we can get ‘stuck sometimes’, and as soon as you’re moving again, it’s all good.

Anyway, Scotland took my breath away.

In between work I had chance to check out the beautiful city of Edinburgh, help out friends with work, meet a new addtion to their family, kitesurf, hike around the Trossachs, and catch a few shows at the Fringe.

If you’ve not been (to Edinburgh / the lochs / the festival) I would recommend it to all!

The city is stunning, small, and friendly; the hills great for hiking and walking; and the festival just great fun.  There are literally hundreds of shows happening daily, and the hardest thing was to decide what to go and see.  Such a good vibe and atmosphere, and a one week trip turned into two, and I had to pull myself away!

Well recommended all round, and I can’t wait to go back!  Plus I managed to squeeze in a cheeky kitesurf session as well 🙂




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