BBC Radio Derby interview, book marketing, back on the radio today, and thanks for feedback so far!

Yesterday I did my first ever radio interview!

I’d heard, on my local BBC Radio Derby show, the Jay Shetty video being discussed. You know the one ‘everybody needs to hear this.’  Well, it struck a chord with me, I rang in, and was invited to speak about quitting my job, chasing dreams, facing a midlife crisis, and writing a book.

It went well, Sally Pepper and the team were great hosts, and I enjoyed talking about myself (nothing new there).  This is a link to the show.  I was rambling from 1hr 14 to 1hr 35.  John Alex Clarke 1hr 14 to 1hr 35

And today I was invited back on!

This time by phone, and they wanted someone to talk about living with parents aged 40.  This is the link to todays show.  John Alex Clarke 21 mins onwards.  I was rambling 21 minutes onwards.


In other news, I’ve had some feedback from people who have read my book (thank you) and pictures of my book arriving on peoples desk at work.

It is humbling to be told the story is “inspiring, beautifully written, from the heart, and a must for those who like adventure.”

It’s also been described as 50% travelogue, 50% personal development.  Which is what I wanted to hit.  Because it’s not just a story of travel, and I was keen to share out the reality of what it was like, and some of the lessons learnt!

Anyway, hard sell over, and here is another link to the different book versions if interested:

– A Kindle eBook:

– A paperback book, with black and white photos inside:

– A paperback book, with colour photos inside:


To wrap up this post, here’s a few photos sent from people who have brought my book.  Not trying to show off here, but to see your own work finally in print, and other enjoying it, starts to make all the effort seem worthwhile.

So thank you.





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