Official book launch of ‘Adventures In Happiness’

Hi all,

I hope this post finds you well wherever you are in the world.  Today is an exciting day for me.  Today I officially launch my book Adventures In Happiness. 

This marks the end of a 3 year journey of travel, change, and adventure that included leaving a 21 year corporate career, adjusting into a new life, a lot of travel and kitesurfing, plus a huge piece of work to write about my journey, pull out what I learnt with the intention to share it back, and then edit and publish my first book.

Here is a quick video to explain the book, and why I chose to write it.

For those who buy it, a MASSIVE thank you and I hope you take something from it.  A special thanks to all those I met who agreed to be in the story, and those who have supported me the past few years (you know who you are!).

The book is availabe through Amazon. There are 3 versions. The links below take you to the Amazon store of your country!

– A Kindle eBook:

– A paperback book, with black and white photos inside:

– A paperback book, with colour photos inside:

If you do happen to buy a copy, please leave me a review on Amazon, and feel free to share out to others who may be interested.

A sincere thank you.



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