Sharing is caring, more shameless self promotion, and chapter one of my book.

Hi all.

This is a link to the first chapter of my forthcoming book Adventures in happiness – a true story of leaving a long term career, going on some adventures, and a little bit of what I learnt along the way.

Click here to view AIH C1

The book is undergoing final editing, and I’m aiming to self-publish first half 2018.

But wow – what a mission to write a book! I hope you like it.



2 thoughts on “Sharing is caring, more shameless self promotion, and chapter one of my book.

  1. How doo. I am not trying to be patronising in saying this, but I love how you started the first chapter as it captivates you straight away. Then the build up to the journey which would have made me go” bugger it” it’s not meant to be. Then there is the end which has made me wanting more. I will buy your book when published John as I find other people’s stories fascinating when it is made interesting. Looking forward to retirement myself in the near future hopefully. IF I DARE. Cheers John, bring on the book. Andy Ward

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    1. Hey Andy. Thanks mate. Glad you like it! I hope you find the rest interesting as well :-). Of course you dare mate if you do’nt mind me saying, I think the trick is to have something to ‘transition’ into. So when it all gets a bit much you stlll have some kind direction. Took me a while to figure that one out mind (and most of my money).


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