Aged 39 and 3/4 and living with my folks…

I’m lucky to have the chance to stay at my parentals house while I been faffing around ‘writing a book’, the thing is, I never meant to stay so long, and when I came back from Cape Town in April of this year I gave myself a month maximum to wrap up the project that has somehow become such a big part of my life. And in keeping true to form, it’s taken much longer than expected.

So I am still here.

But it’s actually OK. I get to cut the grass, load the dishwasher, and buy the wine! And in return they get to help edit my book, get first choice on my Quinoe feta cheese meals, and are often treated to an early morning view as they open the downstairs curtains and I’m stretching out in some yoga positions under the apple tree (sorry dad).

But I am doing this for a reason.

Because I committed to myself that I would finish writing my book before I did anything else – traveling, getting a (paid) job, moving somewhere new – because I had to – because I knew that committing to something that took time, effort, and some sacrifice would be worth it in the long run. And now I am nearing the end, I am starting to see the results, both in the work, and myself….

Now where’s my yoga mat?


2 thoughts on “Aged 39 and 3/4 and living with my folks…

  1. Hi John, good to see you the other day. Please let me know when you publish your book as I would like to buy a copy please. Cheers. Andy

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  2. Thanks mate yes great to see you to! Will keep you posted on the book ! Cheers 🍻


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