The flip side of minimalisation – a bike, a missing key, and some bolt cutters.

I fancied a mountain bike ride the other day, nothing exciting there, but I’ve not been out on my bike much in the past year, having locked it away in a shed, and thus forgot about it.

As they say ‘out of sight out of mind’.

Anyway, as I went to dig said bike out of the shed, I remembered I had locked it to a black and decker workmate bench with a really good bike lock – the kind that you need an angle grinder, or pair of bolt cutters to remove it with.

It was as I went to find the key to the really good bike lock that it came back to me.

I had thrown the key away, literally, 2 days ago.

Why ?

Because it was attached to another set of keys that were for my motorbike, and ‘got in the way’ of the other keys.

I had said to myself “I don’t need this key, it doesn’t belong to this motorbike, it doesn’t do anything, stupid key, why is it even here”, and so, binned it.

“One less thing to think about”, I had thought. Smugly…….

I didn’t look so smug when I was rooting through the black bin trying to find the key, and really did have to use an angle grinder and bolt cutters to cut it off….


the flip side of minimalisaiton…..was a good ride out though 🙂


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