Monday morning, take a break, and have a quick look at my latest post, some ‘interesting’ pictures…..Aveiro the venice of Portugal.

Driving back to the coast stopping at Aveiro was a good choice, and I was once again reminded of the up and down of travelling solo.
As I was queuing up for a solo seat in a restaurant to eat a local Portuguese man and his daughter invited me to join and eat with them.
His wife spoke no english and he spoke very little, but his daughter was fluent so we managed to have a kind of 3 way conversation over dinner.
It’s always nice to be asked to join with another people, not that I mind eating alone, but the company  is / was definitely appreciated.  This is the second family in a week I have be invited to eat with so can’t say much more than that for what I have seen for how friendly people can be sometimes.
Off the back of this, his daughter and friend gave me a guided tour of the city the next day, and one of the things pointed out to me was the pictures on the sides of the canal boats here… can translate the words if you want…..
IMG_6820 IMG_6819 IMG_6818 IMG_6817
 Next stop Porto!

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