8th August – Around Guincho, Cascais, free camping and as far west as you can get…

As well as kiting around Guincho, I spent some time around the town of Cascais which I discovered by accident on a ride out one morning. Quite busy as a town but definitely worth a look if ever in the area, nice restaurants and bars, chilled atmosphere, and a nice harbour / marina.


On a different note I had a long conversation with a man in a music shop about traditional Portuguese guitars, reminded me of a mandolin….really hoping to get to hear some live music when I get to Lisboa.


I also took a ride out to Cabo Da Roca, which is the furthest point west you can get in Europe. The coast of Portugal is wild, and so far I have managed to free camp (bar €2 a night for car parking) for 3 weeks or so now.

IMG_6177 IMG_6183

IMG_6232 IMG_6238

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