30th July – on the road, and an EXPENSIVE stop in Alijezur.

Kicking myself as I write this.  I just picked up a €67 fine for removal of a parking clamp, and €60 for a parking infringement. I’m not bitter, but there was no sign except TAXI.

I know I shouldn’t have parked there but they were a little quick to clamp me up….happens all the time apparently here. Anyway, another lesson learnt!

The thing is I had stopped to post a surprise present to a friend back in the UK and I got stuck in the SLOWEST post office queue in the world so was an hour or so!  Anyway, one of those things! Moving on!

IMG_6074 IMG_6073

I’m on the road north toward Porto Covo / Sines on the west coast of Portugal, just below Lisbon after taking in the small surfer towns of Sagres and Carrapeteria chilling and attempting to surfing for a few days.

IMG_6063 IMG_6053IMG_6051

I got to watch the sunset on the most SW point in Europe and have seen some stunning coast lines along the Algarve. It is beautiful here!


Free camping still seems pretty easy so far, and a family from England (Rob, Hannah, Ted, Henry) took pity on me last night and fed me (thanks guys!).


I’m planning to kitesurf around the Sines area for a few days, and then look into heading further north into Lisbon both for the city and some of the famous kite spots there!

I have been on the road 12 weeks now…..at first it seemed to go quite slow, but the last 5 or 6 weeks has really flown by…..

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