26th July – bom Dia! Portugal, the Algarve, good kiting location, and van stuck in the centre of Lagos….

Saying adios to Spain and bom Dia to Portugal I headed to Villamore / Quarteria in the Algarve, with my intention set to kite a few spots, get as far west as I can, and then head north.
First impression of the Algarve is an stunning coast line, but very package holiday driven with lots of hotels, golf courses and marinas.
Someone parked their Ferrari in front of my bike…..
Off the back of a recommendation (thanks Dani) I found a local fish restaurant in Quarteria and had some amazing Dorado from the catch of the day –  so so good and only €7.
The waitress spoke no English, I spoke no Portuguese…..
I had heard that the Rio Alvor lagoon was very good for kiting so decided to spend a few days here (which turned into 5), splitting my time between kiting on the lagoon and then driving the few miles into Lagos town and sleeping / eating there at night as its a lot more lively with loads of restaurants and a few bars.
Will do a separate post on the kiting, but quick shot for now….
 Sleeping in Lagos for €3 a night!
When I first went into Lagos my sat nav took me straight into the centre of the old town.  These old European towns were not built for cars (never mind vans) so I thought it was going to be tight, but it’s all one way so once you’re in you’re committed!
So my van is nearly 6m long and you need to turn WIDE to make it on corners.
All was going so well until (literally) the last corner before I was back on the roads, and I got (physically) stuck.
It took over an hour and the help of a few friendly locals to get free, it was a case of 10 cm forward, 5 cm back, 10 cm forward, 5 cm back…..you get the picture.
My van picked up some scars, but I was just happy to get through, I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it.
I managed to cause 2 traffic jams of cars, and no end of people stood by to watch in amazement.
What was cool was no one got stressed out (except me). Lesson learnt. Maybe….
Stuck on the wall!

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