20th June 2015 – heading North, mid way point, changing face of Morocco

I decided to drive North and followed a recommendation from the owner of the Ocean Dunes campsite to aim for Azdour. It was about 350km, and at a kind of crossroads between Meknes, Fes, and the mid Atlas mountains.

Before I left I got a shot of the product that’s (so far) fixed my engine water leak 🙂 this is as far south from home I get for now so seemed like an opportune moment. I can’t express how much of saver this was 6 weeks ago! Google maps says I am 3400km from home. I feel like I on tender hooks waiting for something to happen but also know whatever happens it will also work itself out.

The drive took me through parched desert plains, poor villages, river gorges and then into the middle Atlas mountains. I was amazed at how the landscape kept changing.

I saw nomadic farmers on the lower plains of the mountain. The lands looked so green and fertile compared to where I have come from and I loved the contrast to the desert. Massively refreshing.

I stopped to subtly eat some food on the road side and a tractor chugged past slowly, the driver and co pilot, both with massive smiles, tipped their hats at me. Maybe you had to be there, but it was a good moment and snapshot in time that stuck with me.

After lucking into a shaded campsite I took some time to unwind and relax before I get into my last few days in Morocco, realising this is the last few days in Morocco I wanted to be refreshed and really appreciate it.

However, writing this I realise I can’t stay here relaxing any longer.

I have just eaten the last of my food for breakfast….black coffee (have no milk), and a tin of Sardines….

1 thought on “20th June 2015 – heading North, mid way point, changing face of Morocco

  1. Keep going “Raider of the lost ark.”

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