11th, 12th June 2015 – High Atlas treks, waterfalls, Berber Villages, and a small world

I decided on staying within the Atlas mountains a few more days, I like it here, the people are friendly, and the mountains impressive.

Mohammad offers some more ideas for local treks and I agree on a full day walking to go and see a famous waterfall (Tamsoulte) and another full day out to see some traditional Berber villages (Pass of Tamatertt, Imnan Valley).

Both are long days but totally worth it, not as hard going as the summit to Jbel Toubkal but impressive mountain backdrops, amazing waterfalls, interesting traditional villages, and friendly people on route.

And so much mint tea, with sugar, lots of sugar!

I also get speaking to an English couple who I meet at the supermarket, turns out one of them is from the Isle of Anglesey which is one of my favourite kitesurfing spots in the UK. She was on a mission to scope out the region for running her own organised treks in the area, small world!

I plan to move on tomorrow but have not fully decided where to, I think 4 days in the High Atlas mountains is a good amount of time to see the main things, but I also know that you can do multiple day treks that take in different mountain refuges, villages, and other higher peaks. If I come back I think I would attempt this. I understand that there has been a downturn on Europeans coming here over the last year or so but the prices you pay are reasonable (and negotiable) and the guides and people here (from what I have seen) are generally really friendly and welcoming.

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