27th, 28th May 2015 – Tarifa final days….and onto Morocco…..

I am trying to convince myself that these are my final few days in Tarifa (for now).  I have been here 2 weeks and even though it feels longer, it has also flown by.

Tarifa town (the lights), with the north coast of Africa in the background.


Part of my original plan was to head to Morocco and try and catch up with a friend there.  I know if I head off now I should be able to catch him in time (if my van holds together).

I am worried about a knocking noise from (I think) the drive shaft, but it is intermittent and I hope it will be OK.

I spend my time kitesurfing and generally chilling out.


I also figure a way to get insects out of my van at night – hold light near extractor van, wait for insects to come close, turn fan on full.


I have just found the “last map of Morocco” for sale in Tarifa, the shop owner even opened up his closed shop for me I looked that desperate peering through his window.


I plan to head to Rabat, and then sleep there, and then onto Essaouria to kite surf and surf, and then ?? Not much of a plan, but I am sure it will come together just fine. Feeling excited 🙂

The only slight issue is that I have no insurance at the moment, but I understand that you can buy it at the border, I just need to switch from very limited Spanish to very limited French, or Arabic.

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