23rd, 24th May 2015 – las picaduras de Tarifa….


Met with Soos and Caroline in Tarifa town, after a while we jumped in my van and drove to their party. We eventually found the hotel, and walked into this: IMG_3507IMG_3509

It was a UK crowd, fancy dress, and loosely linked to some VW festivals.

The drinks were generous and the music questionable at first, but then switched to some very cool house music and the atmosphere stepped up.

All was going well and we were excited about a kite surf session the next day, until at about 3am Caroline disappeared…..we were understandably panicked, believing she may have participated in a high intake of Vodka, rum, and gin……..

After about an hour of searching we call it a night, it’s past 4am and the party had finished.

Up at 7am and finally get hold of Caroline, long story short, she had wandered off in a daze, slept under a bus shelter for a few hours, sobered up enough to answer her phone, and is soaking wet having walked halfway home.

She is cold and a little dazed, but OK. Looking back it is (kind of) funny, but also a real reminder as to how things can get out of control quite quickly and easily.

The weather was kindly raining, so we felt no need to kite surf today!


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