7th May 2015 – these things are meant to test us……

All was going so well, spent the day getting ready, but park my van up at home and hear a dripping sound, look underneath the engine and see a pool of water……

…..water is pouring and I mean pouring from the engine.

I don’t freak out (I normally would but I am that tired with trying to get ready it doesn’t register that I have a ferry to catch in 24 hours and am about to drive at least a few thousand miles).

I go to my local garage and explain that I am leaving tomorrow. They say only you John, only you.  I then explain about my idea for Morocco, they smile and shake their heads slowly.

They are pretty amazing actually, and after stripping bits off diagnose the problem. They come back with leaking cylinder head, 4 days work and £2000.  What is it with £2000?

However, there is an alternative.


This stuff is developed in the US (off the back of the space programme??) and is guaranteed to stop leaking water from engine once you pour it into the cooling system. I have no idea what is in it but figure I have no choice, within 45 minutes water has stopped leaking!

I do not need the worry of a leaking engine on a long trip, but do not want to wait another 4 days, change my ferry, and spend £2000!

I figure I will drive to Portsmouth and if all seems well I will risk it and just go for it…..

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