~~ I now offer coaching and support with the below ~~

  • Making a transition to something new / other lifestyle changes.
  • Writing, editing, proofreading, and understanding the publishing process.
  • A mechanical engineering input / project management support.
  • Use of social media platforms / web design.
  • Kitesurfing instruction and coaching.

~~ A little more about me ~~

I started work at 16 with a well known engineering organisations. It was a good career, and I spent time in roles that spread across project management, engineering design, and training and development.

After 21 years (!) in the same organisation I was ready for a change, made the decision to leave, and began to follow some of what I’d always wanted to do – travel the world, and focus on my passion of kitesurfing.

I had always been interested in personal development, and part of my last role was as a coach and training specialist. When I discovered I enjoyed writing about my travels, I combined a story of my adventure with what I’d learnt and published my own book.

I’m also a degree qualified mechanical engineer, an internationally recognised kitesurfing instructor, and I practise yoga. I have not lost my interest in engineering or professional organisational work, and still enjoy the coaching side of things.

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