John Clarke Landscaping and Gardens provides bespoke garden design and build, all styes of patios, composite decking, soft-landscaping (planting), hedge trimming,  grass cutting, and general garden maintenance.

Whatever state your garden is in, and whatever you’re thinking of using the space for, I can work with you to create something that is attractive, functional, and completed to a high standard.

Please take a look at my projects for examples of my work, and contact me on for further details.

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References are available on request.

> Based on the ‘Golden Ratio’ this design reshapes the grass area, incorporates a wooden retaining wall to remove the slope, adds in porcelain paths, and includes a planting scheme of Acers, Bamboo, Phormium, with a central Magnolia tree.

> Part 1 of a 2 part project, this design includes a ‘floating’ 3m x 3m European oak frame set with porcelain tiles, a double-step inlayed with reclaimed Victorian bricks, and a blue brick path to shed.

> Part 2 of a 2 part project, this design includes a composite decking area built to accommodate height restrictions and drain access, plus an oak sleeper seat.

> This design consists of a 30m2 patio, built to match an existing internal tile pattern, allowing a flow from inside the house through to the garden.

> These are examples of hedge cutting / topiary / clearance / general garden maintenance work.

> This project was part redesign and part repair. A new patio was built and decking and balustrades repaired to improve the aesthetics and usable space.

> This design was to create a usable area within this courtyard using staggered Indian Stone pavers and a simple raised bed using wooden sleepers.

> This project was to lift and relay reclaimed Victorian blue bricks forming a gentle sloping path to a new seating area.

> This design was to create a 5m x 5m low maintenance space by clearing the garden, exposing the brick pillars, building a wooden retaining wall, and adding in decorative gravel.

> This project was to clear an existing patio, extend the area, and lay with new pavers creating two separate spaces joined by a path.

> This project was to clear and extend an existing path using reclaimed York Stone, making it suitable for vehicle parking.

> This project was to bring in ten tonnes of soil and sand, level the area, improve the patio, and prepare the ground for reseeding.

> This project was to clear rough ground, bring in ten tonnes of top soil to improve the quality and level of the garden, and build a simple 3m x 3m patio area.

> This design was to create a maintenance free garden by clearing the area, building 3 sides of edging stones, levelling and adding in decorative gravel.

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