What I offer coaching/support on.

1. Positive shifts and a growth mindset. From identifying values, building good habits, benefits of yoga and meditation, and creating change through action, not procrastination. 

2. Preparing for, making the most of, and the re-entry strategy for those wishing to take a sabbatical. From considering opportunities, sharing lessons learnt, managing the highs and lows, and offering a network of support.

3. Writing, editing, and self-publishing. From mapping of a story, suggestions of software to use, understanding different parts of the editing, proof-reading, and self-publishing process. 

A litle more about me.

Most of my career was spent with a well-known engineering organisation. I spent time in project planning, engineering design, and training and development roles.

The last 8 years of my career were spent in a coaching based role, where I supported over 120 people with early career development, technical assessment of skills, and integration into a demanding business environment. I had 100% success rate.

I’m a degree qualified mechanical engineer, an internationally qualified kitesurfing instructor, I practice regular yoga, and have recently written, edited, and published my first book.

I currently write on topics which cover change, personal development, building good habits, as well as travel and adventure.

I’m positioned to offer support to those wishing to make a similar change to me, would like help with the various parts of a writing project, or would benefit from some positive shifts in life.



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