About me

Hi, I’m John. I’m a writer, a landscaper, an engineer, and a coach from the UK.

Four years ago I left a twenty-one-year career and began a journey that led me through Europe and Morocco in a campervan, backpacking across South Africa, up into the heights of the Himalayan mountains, and through the busy streets of India!

Along the way, I created a blog, and then wrote, and published, a book about my experiences. It was my intention to capture what had happened and share back what it was like – the good and the bad.

As with any big change/journey/adventure, I experienced what I describe as a lot of learning and personal growth, and that, mixed in with stories of the continuing adventure, is some of what I’m sharing here.

But it wasn’t always like this…

Most of my career was spent with a well-known engineering organisation. I spent time in project planning, engineering design, and training and development roles. I’m also a degree qualified mechanical engineer.

The last 8 years of that chapter were spent in a coaching based role, where I supported over 120 people with early career development, technical assessment of skills, and integration into a demanding business environment.

Since that time I’ve fulfilled my dream of travelling; published my first book; trained as an internationally qualified kitesurfing instructor, and practice regular yoga.

I currently spend my time running my own landscaping business; working as a freelance writerteaching kitesurfing, and squeezing in an adventure when I can.



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